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Tambola Number Generator Online | Housie Numbers And Playing Board

Internet connection is not required after new game has started. You can also open this page from mobile easily.
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About Number Generator

The generator is very mobile friendly.You do not require a laptop or computer to conduct the game. You can start calling numbers by opening this page on your hand held mobile device.

Now you do not require the traditional tambola board anymore. Also the number dices and the container for the dices are not required. You can call the numbers at the click of the "New Call" button.

Announcing the numbers is easy. The number phrases to be announced are also displayed at the top of the board after a number is generated. You can use these phrases or announce your own phrases if you remember. If you forget you can always fallback to the displayed number phrase. Also we have compliled a list of phrases to be announced when calling the generated tambola numbers.

Shaking the dices is not required as on every new call the numbers are generated randomly out of the remaining numbers.

You can simply announce the numbers using the generator in big club parties or your home kitty parties. There is also not a requirement of a second helper to keep the announced numbers on the tambola board.

Double click on Numbers has been disabled so that you accidentally do not make a new call twice. This has been done by creating a delay of 1/2 second before you can click the button again

This makes playing the game of tambola very easy. You have free printable tickets and the number generator board for playing all available to you in one place. You just have to generate tickets pdf file and take a print and use the online number generator board to draw the numbers. With that in place, you are ready to play tambola at any time of the day.

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Whatsapp Sharing Link To Tamboala Number Generator And Online BoardWhatsapp Share