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About Our Website.

  • Tambola Tickets

    We provide free tambola tickets pdf online. In this website you can generate and print a multiple paged pdf with each page having 12 tickets. Therefore, the tickets are very easy to print all tickets at a time with 12 tickets in each A4 or letter size page. You get 2 full sheets of 6 tickets each per page. You can download unlimited number of unique tickets. You can use the housie tickets pdf files for your home kitty parties or club entertainment. The service is provided free of cost. Unique tambola tickets pdf files are generated every time you click on the generate pdf button. Every new download has a fresh set of unique numbers and, above all, the number of downloads are unlimited ! The pdf file can be generated for printing in the top section on this page

    You can download the printable tambola tickets in various themes and color combinarions. You can set the background color for a tambola ticket using the color chooser. You can also set the color of the borders and the numbers.You can choose from a variety of themes that basically change the background of the pdf file that you download.The available themes are Birthday Baloons, Anniversary Candles And Rose, Merry Christmas, Valentine, Coffee and Simple
  • Tambola Number Generator With Playing Board

  • If you do not have the Tambola Board, the dices and the dices container there is no need to worry. We also provide the Tambola Number Generator Online. You can use that to automatically generate numbers randomly. The numbers will be displayed along with the phrases. The phrases are displayed on top of the tambola board. After you hace announced the called number, it is placed on the online tambola board automatically. Also have a look at more tambola number phrases used for announcing the game on this page.

About Tambola.

Tambola is a game of luck. Well if you have a ticket set that is lucky you may win. It is seen that some people win more prizes very often. Those people are simply more luckier. Whether it is a big club party or a small gathering, the game can be played anywhere. All you need is tambola tickets and a system to draw the set of numbers. The manual system typically has a bag or a container that has dices which are labelled from 1 to 90 and a tambola game board where these numbers will be placed after they are announced. There can also be a digital system of announcing the numbers where the tambola board is not required and the numbers are generated randomly by a digital web application on the browser or a mobile app. This makes it feasible to play tambola if you are just having the tickets and do not have the board or the dices.We provide such a digital system for playing the tambola game. First you can generate the tambola tickets pdf file and you are ready to play. You can use the tambola number generator online board for playing the game using a desktop/laptop or even from your hand held mobile device.

People play this game as a recreational activity. The game builds an excitement as you may at times just be waiting to strike off a single number on your ticket, yet to be called. So the excitement is phenomenal and the game keeps you occupied till the game ends.

Another important aspect about the game is the sense of achievement and excitement one gets if you are able to strike off all the numbers on your tambola ticket and claim a prize. The going to the stage and claiming a prize and getting rewarded, all give a sense of achievement and excitement.

There are a few lucky people who claim more than one prize on the same ticket. Well, you have to be really lucky for that to happen. People enjoy the game with their drinks and snacks side by side.

Usually in one session more than one game are played. There also may be a bumper house game, where the tambola ticket prices are kept higher than the other games. A larger user contribution is thus accumulated. The prizes (dividends) in the bumper house, thus, carry a higher value than the other games. People look forward to the bumper house and do not mind contributing a higher price for a set of tambola tickets, in the hope of getting a hefty sum as a prize in the game.

Game Rules.

The game of Tambola also called as housie or bingo, and the rules governing the play and the prizes are described in the following sections.

The Tambola Game is played on a Tambola Ticket. An announcer announces the numbers drawn from a container or a bag. The numbers called are placed on a board having slots from 01 to 90.The players buy the tickets and a sum of money is accumulated. Various prizes (dividends) are decided by the announcer before the play and communicated to all the users who have purchased the tickets.

The prizes (dividends) have been explained separately below.Please read on.

The players having tambola tickets strike off the numbers on their tickets as they are announced.They use a pen,marker or pencil. These are usually provided by the game organizers. Depending on the prizes ( dividends) decided for the game, The players on completion of the criteria of announced numbers struck off on their tickets will make a call for claiming their prize by saying "YES" in a loud voice to catch the announcer's attention. The announcer will stop calling any further. If a number's call has been completed, then the users call will be deemed as delayed call and the last called number will be the number which has been called last ( the number for which the call has been completed).

There may be occasions when there are two or more claimants who have tickets with all numbers struck off, and claim the same prize. In such a case the prize money is usually shared between the winners.

In big clubs the gathering of users may be large and tickets are usually distributed with color codes for each new game, implying that the new game has tickets of a different color than the previous game's tickets.

A page of tickets has a maximum of 6 tickets ( The page of 6 tickets is also called a Full Sheet)

An individual tambola ticket must follow the rules as mentioned below

  • The numbers shown on a full sheet of tambola ticket or on any individual ticket should be unique both in the sheet and any individual ticket. Therefore, two full sheets of tickets will be unique and the probability to find the same tambola ticket in two sheets is very rare.If you buy a full sheet of Tambola ticket then you will have to strike off a number every time a number is called, as the full sheet of tambola ticket contains all the numbers from 01 to 90 in a random order. The numbers are spread across the 6 tickets in the full sheet.
  • Each ticket has 9 Columns & 3 Rows, which implies a total of 27 squares. One tambola ticket can have a maximum of 15 numbers. Therefore, in every ticket there will be 15 filled squares and 12 blank squares.
  • The 9 columns available in each ticket and also in full sheet of tickets will have a range of numbers as mentioned below
    • Ticket Column 1 | Numbers 1-9
    • Ticket Column 2 | Numbers 10-19
    • Ticket Column 3 | Numbers 20-29
    • Ticket Column 4 | Numbers 30-39
    • Ticket Column 5 | Numbers 40-49
    • Ticket Column 6 | Numbers 50-59
    • Ticket Column 7 | Numbers 60-69
    • Ticket Column 8 | Numbers 70-79
    • Ticket Column 9 | Numbers 80-90
  • It is mandatory that each column of ticket has at least one number.
  • A maximum of 3 numbers can be filled in each column of a single ticket. For a full sheet of tambola tickets comprising 6 tickets, a maximum of 9 numbers can be filled in the first column ( from 1 to 9). A maximum of 11 numbers can be filled in the last column (from 80 to 90). A maximum of 10 numbers can be filled in the 2nd column to the 8th column as shown above.
  • The numbers in each column of a single ticket must be arranged in an ascending order from top to bottom.
  • Each single ticket will have a maximum of 3 rows, therefore, a full ticket sheet will have 18 rows. Each row shall have 4 squares empty and 5 squares filled.

Game History.

It is believed that the game of tambola or Housie has it's origin in Italy. Tambola is a form of a traditional board game. It is reportedly learnt that the game was played first in the city of Naples somewhere in the eighteenth century. The game of Tambola is also referred to as bingo or housie. It is played on major occasions such as New Year Or Christmas. The game is also played at entertainment clubs and parties including home parties and ladies kitty parties. The prizes themselves dont matter but winning a prize is symbolic of being lucky.

The game of Tambola is played as a raffle draw in the United Kingdom. The prizes are allocated in advance to the winning tickets. The tickets are placed in a drum or a hat. Users pick their tickets and can instanly know whether they have won or not. The game is popular at fetes and cofee mornings, that gather a substantial crowd.

In the United states booths alongwith prizes are established. The prizes can be won by picking a ticket from a container. Not all but some tickets will carry a prize.

In India, the game is played on a full ticket or half ticket (having 3 tickets). An announcer picks up numbered dices from a container, announces each number with exciting captions such as "One Doz" number 12, "One score Blind" number 10, "All the 5's 5 and 5" number 55 and so on.Read more in the announcing Tambola numbers section below.and places the numbers on a board with slots numbered from 1 to 90. Before the game is started the prizes are decided. For example there may be a prize for getting the quickest 5 of the announced numbers on a single tambola ticket. Or the player getting all the numbers of single line quickest may be awarded a prize. Sponsored gifts may also be given as prizes at big club parties.

The game is also known as "Housey" or Housie in the United Kingdom and it is a 90 numbers game, same as that played in India. In the USA "Bingo is played as a 75 numbers game.

Italy being the originator of the game of Tambola in the 16th century, the game soon spread to other countries of Europe like France and Great Britain somewhere in the 18th century.

Game Prizes.

The various prizes that are awarded in a game of tambola are listed below :-
  • Jaldi 5 or Early 5 : Awarded to the player who gets 5 announced numbers on a single ticket before anyone else
  • Jaldi 7 or Early 7 : Awarded to the player who gets 7 announced numbers on a single ticket before anyone else
  • Top Line : Awarded to the player who gets all the numbers in the top line on a single ticket before anyone else
  • Center Line : Awarded to the player who gets all the numbers in the center row on a single ticket before anyone else
  • Bottom Line : Awarded to the player who gets all the numbers in the bottom row on a single ticket before anyone else
  • Any Line 3 times : A line is given as a prize 3 times. Whether the line was top center or bottom is not considered and not recorded.
  • Kings corner : Awarded to the player who gets the first numbers of each line on a single ticket before anyone else
  • Queens corner : Awarded to the player who gets the last numbers of each line on a single ticket before anyone else
  • Pyramid : Awarded to the player who gets the top row 3rd number, middle row 2nd and 4th number, bottom row 1st, 3rd and 5th number, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Bamboo : Awarded to the player who gets the third number in each line, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Center : Awarded to the player who gets the third number of the middle row, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Cross : Awarded to the player who gets the top Row: 1st and 5th number, middle Row: 3rd number, bottom row: 1st and 5th number, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Young Or Bottom House or Minor : Awarded to the player who gets all the numbers from 1 to 45, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Old Or Top House or Major : Awarded to the player who gets all the numbers from 46 to 90, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Breakfast : Awarded to the player who gets all the numbers in the first three columns, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Lunch : Awarded to the player who gets all the numbers in the 4th, 5th and 6th columns, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Dinner : Awarded to the player who gets all the numbers in the last 3 columns, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Lovers Lane : Awarded to the player who gets left most number of the first and second row and the bottom line, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Inverted Lovers Lane : Awarded to the player who gets top line and the right most number of the second and third, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Circle : Awarded to the player who gets 3rd number of the top row, 2nd and 4th number of the middle Row, 3rd number of the bottom row, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Full House : Awarded to the player who gets all the numbers, on a single ticket, before anyone else.
  • Out House : The second Full House. Usually if 3 full houses of tambola are being played, they can be refrred to as Full House, Out House, Dog House or First Full House, Second Full House, Third Full House.
  • Snow Ball : Before the game begins the Snow ball prize is decided. The prize money is a hefty sum, usually accumulated from the previous games in a club. The prize is awarded to a lucky winner for completing a full house on a single tambola ticket in a minimal number of announced numbers. Usually this number is fixed at 42 or 48. The probability of winning snow ball is very rare. But at times a user if having lucky set of tickets may win the snowball prize.

Announcing Ticket Numbers.

  • 1 : Lonely, single number 1.
  • 2 : One little duck, single number, number 2.
  • 3 : Triplet, single number, number 3.
  • 4 : Murgi Chor, Number 4.
  • 5 : Punjab, single number, 5.
  • 6 : Bottom heavy/In a Fix, single number, 6.
  • 7 : One hockey stick/Lucky/Rainbow/Saat Sur/Days of Week, number 7.
  • 8 : One fat lady/major, single bumber, 8
  • 9 : Top Heavy/ Doctors time, single number, 9.
  • 10 : Badmash/Big Fat hen, Blind, number 10
  • 11 : Legs/All the 1's, number 11.
  • 12 : One Doz, number 12.
  • 13 : Bakers dozen/Unlucky/Lucky for some, number 13.
  • 14 : Valentines day/Tender, 1 and 4, 14.
  • 15 : Yet to be kissed, 1 and 5, 15.
  • 16 : Sweet, 1 and 6, 16.
  • 17 : Dancing Queen, 1 and 7, 17.
  • 18 : Voting age, 1 and 8, 18.
  • 19 : Goodbye teens, 1 and 9, 19
  • 20 : One score, blind, 2 zero, 20.
  • 21 : Watch your son, 2 and 1, 21.
  • 22 : Two little ducks/ All the 2s, 22.
  • 23 : You and me, 2 and 3, 23.
  • 24 : Two Doz, 2 and 4, 24.
  • 25 : One quarter/quarter cent, 2 and 5, 25
  • 26 : Republic day, 2 and 6, 26.
  • 27 : Gateway to Heaven, 2 and 7, 27.
  • 28 : 2 and 8, 28.
  • 29 : In your prime/Gin and Lime, 2 and 9, 29.
  • 30 : Women get flirty at 3 and zero, 30.
  • 31 : Flavors and Baskin Robins, 3 and 1, 31.
  • 32 : Mouthfull, 3 and 2, 32.
  • 33 : Lovely Lips/All the three's/knocking knees, 3 and 3, 33.
  • 34 : Dil Mange More, 3 and 4, 34.
  • 35 : Flirty wife,3 and 5, 35.
  • 36 : Perfect stats/standard size/ 3 doz, 3 and 6, 36.
  • 37 : Mixed Luck, 3 and 7, 37.
  • 38 : Oversize, 3 and 8, 38.
  • 39 : Watch your waistline, 3 and 9, 39.
  • 40 : Life begins at/Men get naughty at, 4 and 0, 40.
  • 41 : Life's begun,4 and 1, 41.
  • 42 : Quit India, 4 and 2, 42.
  • 43 : Down on your knees,4 and 3, 43.
  • 44 : All the 4's, 4 and 4, 44.
  • 45 : Halfway Home/there, 4 and 5, 45.
  • 46 : Upto tricks, 4 and 6, 46.
  • 47 : Independence, 4 and 7, 47.
  • 48 : Four Doz, 4 and 8, 48.
  • 49 : Rise and Shine, 4 and 9, 49.
  • 50 : Half century/half a cent, 5 zero, 50.
  • 51 : Charity begins, 5 and 1, 51.
  • 52 : Pack of Cards/Weeks in year, 5 and 2, 52.
  • 53 : Pack of Cards with joker, 5 and 3, 53.
  • 54 : House of bamboo door, 5 and 4, 54.
  • 55 : Nagging wife/All the 5s, 5 and 5, 55.
  • 56 : Pick up sticks, 5 and 6, 56.
  • 57 : Mutiny, 5 and 7, 57.
  • 58 : Retirement Age, 5 and 8, 58.
  • 59 : Just Retired, 5 and 9, 59.
  • 60 : 5 Doz, blind, 6 zero, 60.
  • 61 : Click the 1, 6 and 1, 61.
  • 62 : Chinese aggression, 6 and 2, 62.
  • 63 : 6 and 3, 63
  • 64 : 6 and 4, 63
  • 65 : 6 and 5, 63
  • 66 : Click the Click/All the sixes, 6 and 6, 66.
  • 67 : June July, 6 and 7, 67.
  • 68 : 6 and 8, 68
  • 69 : Ulta Pulta/ Any way around, 6 and 9, 69.
  • 70 : Lucky Blind, 7 and 0, 70.
  • 71 : Lucky Bachelor/ 7 is lucky when 1 has it/ Bangladesh, 7 and 1, 71.
  • 72 : Lucky Couple/Lucky 2, 7 and 2, 72.
  • 73 : Lucky Family/Crutch and a flea, 7 and 3, 73.
  • 74 : Lucky Four/Chor, 7 and 4, 74.
  • 75 : Three Quarters/ 3/4th Cent, 7 and 5, 75
  • 76 : Lucky 6, 7 and 6, 76
  • 77 : Double Hockey Sticks/Double Luck/Two little crutches, 7 and 7, 77.
  • 78 : Lucky Eight, 7 and 8, 78
  • 79 : One More Time/Lucky Nine, 7 and 9, 79
  • 80 : 4 Score, Blind, 8 and 0, 80.
  • 81 : Corner Shot, 8 and 1, 81
  • 82 : Last of the tow/Fat lady with a duck/Asiad, 8 and 2, 82.
  • 83 : World Cup, 8 and 3, 83
  • 84 : Last of The Fours/Chors, 8 and 4, 84
  • 85 : GrandMa, 8 and 5, 85
  • 86 : GrandPa, 8 and 6, 86
  • 87 : Last of the Luck,Eight and Seven, 87.
  • 88 : Two fat ladies,Double Eight, 88.
  • 89 : Almost there, Eight and Nine, 89.
  • 90 : Top of the House Blind Number 90.

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